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Terms about service:

Kindly read agreement with care before having access or utilising the website. By getting to or making use of this website you accept to be bound by the terms and conditions of the agreement. In case of disagreement to the terms and conditions, further your access is prohibited from using the website and any of its services. On the off chance that these terms and conditions are views as an offer by Aroma House Perfume, acknowledgement is clearly restricted to these terms. The website is accessible just to persons who are no less than 18 years of age.

Your Account with Aroma House Perfume:
With creating an account on the website, you will be obliged for keeping up the security of your account, and you are wholly in charge for things occurring under the account and any other moves made in relations to the account. You ought to instantly inform Aroma House Perfume about any unauthorized access to your account or any break in security. Aroma House Perfume won’t be responsible for any actions or exclusions by yours, which also includes any sort of harm that occurs as an output of such actions or exclusions.

Orders and Deliveries:
Aroma House Perfume is aspired to give its customers smart and simple order and delivery service. We take orders for products subject to availability. In case for any reason the product which you have ordered are no longer available, we will reach you with contact details you have provided while putting in your request and either,

• offer you an optional product of similar quality and price if possible; or
•void the order for the product you have requested and process the complete refund in regard of that item; also if

Neither you are reachable nor we get a response from you, we will process the order for the remaining products you have ordered and refund you the remaining amount for the products we are not able to supply.

We process deliveries between Xxxday to Xxxday (besides public holidays) in most order requests and delivery we try to reach you in 48-72 hours of request placed. On a case that your requested order has not reached following 3 working days then kindly call us to customer service centre or email us at xxxxxxxx@yyy.zzx.

Also if your order hasn’t received following 3 working days, you can cancel the order and get the full refund back.

Note: Aroma House Perfume does not business nor give any service and product to any OFAC assents nations as per the law of UAE.


At Aroma House Perfume for online payment we accept Visa and MasterCard debit/credit card in AED only, as well as we option cash on delivery service in the UAE.

It is necessary that the card holder keep a copy of transactions along with merchant rules and policies.

Aroma House Perfume holds the privilege and freedom of decision to amend or replace any portion of this agreement. It is your obligations of checking the agreement occasionally for amendments. Frequent access and usage to the website following any updations in the agreement bound you with the acknowledgement of these updations.
Likewise Aroma House Perfume may add new services and elements to the website ( considered new tools and variants ). Such new elements and administrations will be referred in reference to the terms and conditions of this agreement, as may be updated every once in a while.


Replacement and Refunds:
Aroma House Perfume has replacement policy which allow you to replace the product in 30 days period. The replacement of product shall be of same or less value added that the plastic wrap must not be teared or damaged and same has not been occurred in the time of 30 days from the time of shopping.

The refunds shall only be processed in the case the order has not been delivered. On the chance that the product has been dispatched but not yet reached then the amount will be payback after deducting the shipping charges. In event that the product has reached the customer then refund will not be made, but the same shall still be replaced as per our replacement policy.  Refunds are made only by the same mode of payment used while shopping.


The website controlled and operated by Aroma House Perfume, though the products, brand names, company names, copyrights and trademarks related to product visible on this website are the right of their respective proprietors. Further Aroma House Perfume has no possession of such items, brand names, copyrights and trademarks. Neither Aroma House Perfume is in any such way affiliated or linked with the respective proprietors nor their organizations and brokers.

Aroma House Perfume will posses the power to abort your access to the website any moment of time, with or without reason or without inform. On the off case that you wish to end this agreement or your Aroma House Perfume account, you may just stop operating the website. Also Aroma House Perfume entitled to end the website any moment of time as a matter of general close down of our services. As a clause of this agreement, which by their characteristics ought to survive end, counted, without restrictions, proprietary clauses, warranty disclaimer, compensation and restrictions to liability.

Warranties of disclaimer:
All the literature and products (considering yet not restricted to programming) as well as services included on or made accessible to you via Aroma House Perfume along with its traders and licensors are provided on “as is” and “as available” herein disclaim any representation or warranties, expressed or imposed, the warranties of any tradable, fitness for a specific reason and non infringement. Aroma House Perfume does not warrant that the website will be constantly accessible and consistent. As well as well as information on website will be errorless, genuine and non misleading.

Aroma House Perfume or it’s providers or licensors in no instance will be responsible with reference to any issue of this as agreement under any consensus, ignorance, strict obligations or other lawful equitable theory for following instance. Any exceptional, subsidiary or resultant damage; the acquired cost or the substitute item or service; got intrusion in use or deficit or damage of data; or for any sums that surpasses the charges paid by you to Aroma House Perfume under the agreement over the  twelve months time span before the action cause. Aroma House Perfume should have no obligations for nonperformance or late due to matters which are not in control. The prior would not make a difference to that level restricted by applicable law.

The user consent to repay and hold harmless Aroma House Perfume, its executive and its licensors and their individual directors, officers, staff and brokers from and against any accusation and cost, including lawyer’s charges, everything out of your utilization of website, including yet not restricted to your infringement of this Agreement.

Administering Law:
Except as far as pertinent law, if any offer otherwise, this Agreement, any use to the website will be administered by the law of Dubai and the reference material there in United Arab Emirates


General Manifestation and Warranty:
The website user manifest and warrant that their usage of the website will be strictly followed by the Aroma House Perfume privacy policy, in accordance with the agreement and every single law and regulation.